The expedition members

The team of the campaign of exploration of 2017 will be constituted, on the ground, by members particularly hardened and prepared for the difficult conditions which will require this expedition so determining. It is the key to success of the operation.

Our team will also count on the participation of members of the Peruvian institutions concerned by these searches, such as plans it the Regulation of Archaeological Investigations and the Law.


Thierry Jamin

Researcher and French explorer, Thierry Jamin is a president of the Instituto Inkari – Cusco and Executive Director of the campaign «Paititi 2017». His third book, entitled «L’Aventurier de la Cité Perdue», March 20th, 2014 was published in France by the Editions du Trésor (Paris).


Hilbert Sumire Bustincio

Professional archaeologist, Hilbert is the official Director of the archaeological project presented to the Ministry of Culture. Since 2011, Hilbert has already participated in several research projects with Thierry Jamin’s team, in the Sanctuary of Megantoni and in Machu Picchu. In January, 2016, Hilbert Sumire integrates definitively the team of the Instituto Inkari – Cusco.


José Benigno Casafranca Montes

Former member of the PNP, José fought during almost ten years, in the years ‘80, against the terrorism committed by the Shining Path. Vice-president of the Instituto Inkari – Cusco, he is the Logistic Person in charge and takes care of the internal organization of the base camps.


Mickael Tisserant

Co-founder of the company Albax (France – E. U.), specialized in the manufacturing and the realization of mechanical subsets, Mickael works for industry of the food-processing industry, the electronics, the aeronautics and the railroad. Enterprising, dynamic, and of practical spirit, he participated in the campaign «Inkari 2014» and will be Added to the Logistics, with José, during the next campaign.


Boris Lalanne

Native of the southwest of France, Boris is awarded a diploma in scuba diving. His mission in the campaign «Paititi 2017» will be to realize the underwater exploration of the twin lakes and the mysterious «square lake».

Martín Casafranca Medina

Martín Casafranca Medina

Member of the Instituto Inkari – Cusco since 2012, Martín is a young general practitioner, dynamic and passionate by its job. He will be the official doctor of the campaign “Paititi 2017” and will have the heavy responsibility of the health of the members of the expedition.


Edward Valenzuela Gil

Manager of the Neviza TV, based to Cusco, Edward is the official cameraman of the group Inkari since 2009. A man really any ground and a big professional !


Martín Semperi Fernández

Native of the community matsiguemga of Timpía, Martín participates in the campaigns of exploration of the group Inkari since 2013. He is the Responsible of the Carriers & Macheteros.


Moises Silva Caristo

Native of the community matsiguenga of Palotoa-Teparo, Moises is the cook of the team. A real Chef  !


Charly Hoolans

Pilot and instructor for civilian drone for Airborne Concept, he is specialized in capturing aerial images and 3D geo-referenced modeling.


Mauro Martín Ortiz

Native of the community matsiguenga of Timpía, Mauro spent six years in the Peruvian land forces. It is a dynamic man with practical experience and a big professional !

Augusto Ripa

Augusto Ripa Casafranca

Member of the National Police Force of Peru, Augusto lives in Lima. It is the coordinator of the flights in helicopter. He represents the Inkari-Cusco institute with the company of helicopters and will be in charge of coordinating the flights of return.

An archaeologist «Supervisor» of the Ministry of Culture

This archaeologist will oversee, on the ground, the searches of Thierry Jamin and his group.

A guard park of the Ministry of the Environment (SERNANP)

He will be indicated by the person in charge of the National Sanctuary of Megantoni, based to Quillabamba, and will accompany the Inkari team in all the procedure of exploration in the zone of the searches.

A representative of the General Direction of the Rights of the Peoples Natives

He will be indicated by the Vice Minister of «Interculturalidad» (Ministry of Culture) and will accompany the Inkari team in quite his investigations. He will have to make sure that no contact will be established between the team Inkari and of possible not contacted Natives.

Eight Carriers & Macheteros

They are all native of the community of Timpía. For us, more than of «simple» carriers, they are partners and brothers. They have a perfect knowledge of the forest and its obstacles. Without them, there is no expedition.