The expedition Paititi 2017

Since the end of year 2014, Thierry Jamin and the Inkari group never stop making every effort to organize as soon as possible them decisive campaign of exploration of the square mountain and to officialize maybe the existence of the queen of the South American lost cities.

Supervised by the Peruvian archaeologist Hilbert Sumire Bustincio, Thierry Jamin presents on January 20th, 2015, to the Ministry of Culture, an entitled research project «Proyecto de Investigación Arqueológica sin Excavación. Reconocimiento Sistemático de Superficie en las Fuentes del Río Ticumpinia. Zona Silvestre del Santuario Nacional de Megantoni – Provincia de La Convención – Región Cusco».

Thierry---03The French explorer and his group hope to realize this determining exploration from the following season. But the administrative procedures sink. And time goes by. Besides, the year 2015 is shaken by the climatic phenomenon of El Niño, marked by pouring rains at the height of the season sandbank, on all the Amazonian forest. Thierry finally has to give up the organization of his campaign «Inkari 2015», especially as the licence of the Ministry of Culture is finally granted to his group only at the beginning of year… 2016 ! Or near one year having deposited their research project to the Regional office of Culture – Cusco !

The operation so waited is thus programmed for the next year. It will doubtless be a turning point in the search of Paititi.

After a first phase of air reconnaissance in base height, realized at the beginning of the year on 2016, aboard a little plane, the campaign of exploration itself can get organized.

Supported by Matsiguengas of the Timpía community, the exploration of ground will take place between June and August, 2017. The exact date of the departure is not still known. It will depend on the financing of the operation and will be fixed at about next April.

Of a duration of three weeks, the expedition will try to reach the mountain squared directly by helicopter. Thierry and his group will leave Cusco with 4X4, in the direction of the small locality of Kiteni, in the province of La Convención, in the North of the department of Cusco. It is their point of meeting with the Natives de Timpía.

The team will be constituted by about twenty members : archaeologists, divers, camarógrafo, representatives of the Peruvian authorities, a completes team of shooting, drone pilot, a cook and carriers, etc.

Vehicles will take then the direction of Quillabamba, provincial capital of La Convención.

018In the agreed day, an helicopter of a private company will come to look for the team and for the logistics in the direction of the zone of search. Arrived in the «red point», the device will deposit the team and the material with a nacelle in a determined place (still confidential !) nearby immediate of the square mountain.

Then installation of the base camp a few hundred meters away from the mountain, near from the «twin lakes».

The phase of exploration can then begin and should last three weeks : methodical exploration of the summit of the square mountain and the neighborhoods of lakes. Submarine exploration of lakes by means of an automatic robot (ROV) and of a professional diver.

In the last stage, the helicopter will mean getting back the material and the group in the direction of Quillabamba. Then return to Cusco in 4X4.

170The region explored, particularly difficult to access, will require a technical preparation and a physical training adapted to a particularly bumped natural environment : tempestuous rivers, exploration of the primary forest, ascents of mountains of 3.000 meters, exploration submarinates, etc.

It is not only the Amazonian capital of the Incas, but it is also the whole territory which, until then virgin of any archaeological data, shows itself little by little in the modern science. A new page of the history forgotten of South America is soon going to take out dungeon of the past…